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    I am grateful for you! By Gary Simmens

    It’s Thanksgiving week, and this year for many families including my own, it looks a little different than it has in the past.

    But here’s the thing: Just because it’s different doesn’t mean we don’t have an endless supply of things to be thankful for.
    And this time of year, more than any other, many of us ask ourselves, “What am I grateful for?”

    Or, how about, “What could I be grateful for?”

    After the crazy year we’ve all had, this quality question has perhaps more power to change our lives than any other. Why?

    You cannot be fearful and grateful at the same time. You cannot be angry and grateful at the same time. Gratitude is the antidote. When gratitude appears, fear and anger disappear.

    This is my time to say I am grateful for the over thousands of people I have helped in the reach their real estate dreams and goals over the years. I certainly enjoyed helping you all.  With this crazy year of Covid 19 and adjustments we have all made, keep in mind always,
    the truth is, life is so special and sacred – EVERY DAY deserves to be appreciated and celebrated… So again I celebrate YOU!

    For those of you that may be struggling with Covid 19 now, get better soon and may God bless you for a speedy recovery.

    Wishing everyone the best Thanksgiving week possible!  Stay safe and well. Gary Simmens KW

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