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    For Year 2020- The Real Estate Homebuyer Profile.

    *In Year 2020…

    31% of buyers were 1st timers.
    44% of buyers were looking to avoid major renovation issues.
    18% of buyers contacted a real estate agent as the first step in the buying process.
    97% of buyers looked online at homes for sale (an all-time high).
    Buyers searched (on average) for 8 weeks and looked at (on average) 9 homes, with 5 of them being online.
    88% of buyers used a real estate agent to purchase a home.
    Buyers who purchased during the pandemic purchased homes with an average price of $339,400 vs. buyers who purchased before the pandemic at $270,000.
    23% of buyers who purchased during the pandemic purchased a home for $500,000 or more.
    12% of buyers purchased a multi-generational home.
    Real estate is a data and statistic-driven industry.
    *NAR 2020 homebuyer profile

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