The Correct Mindset And Game Plan Is Critical When Buying Or Selling A Property By Gary Simmens

Dated: January 19 2020

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 Mindset is critical in most things in life and is certainly is very important in selling or buying a property. the process does not have to be stressful. If you approach the process properly, and prepare yourself from the start to take the right attitude towards the move, your results will be the best possible. 

Markets are always changing, and with my 40 years plus experience in real estate sales and management, I have seen over and over the difference how consumers approach the process for the best results, the ones that listen to the advice given by the realtors giving them the facts to make the best decisions, along with the right mindset, and understanding that it is a business transaction, and it often gets emotional at times, especially when you are selling a long time family home.
Just like the recent WFC martial arts welterweight fight that was over in just 40 seconds with Connor McGregor quickly winning in the 1st round against a tough proven warrior, he had the right mindset and was prepared to win, he even sought help from well known international life coach/trainer Tony Robbins to help him stay focused to win now in 3 different weight classes. He sought help and listened to advise to achieve another title again. You do not need the greatness or title, you just need to get the best results!
If you listen to good realtors, of what is really happening in the market now, whether your buying or selling and be prepared if your buying, by not just getting a pre-approval over the phone with a lender, but finish the process and get fully approved and submit all your paperwork to get a full approval subject to an appraisal process confirmation. Therefore, as a prepared approved buyer your in the drivers seat, competing against the good buys against the cash buyer and holding your ground in a possible bidding war, which happens sometimes on certain properties that are priced correctly in good desirable locations.
If your selling a property, of course your want to have the home show in the best possible way with less clutter and neutral decor and less personalization of items on the walls and against the walls too, as possible, so potential buyers can place their items and see themselves possibly living there. What`s that expression? " Less is MORE?  Works very well, with selling homes. Sometimes families get transferred, or are going through a divorce process, or other reasons for scaling up to a bigger home or downsizing, preparing the home and pricing it correctly is critical for success. For over 3 decades I have see homes go on the market and not priced correctly, and sadly not prepared correctly to show in the best interest. Sometimes the preparation correction can be a quick fix, done in one day!  I noticed hundreds of homes not prepared right or priced right, over the years, and they expire off the market for sale 6 months later, and sometimes listed for sale with 3 different realtors over 2.5 years and reducing price and sometimes still not really getting the results they need. A lot of homes that fall in this catagory sell for sometimes $5,000 to $20,000 less than they originally could of, if they had their home showing in the best light possible, and the sellers had their critical mindset correct from the start. So the sellers are losing good money, time, and sometimes, if are buying after selling, they end up with a higher costly interest rate because of timing.

The market is good now in South Jersey, and the interest rates and fabulous for buyers and consumer confidence is the best in years, so whether your buying or selling, listen to the advise of a good experienced realtor, it will usually save you money and time and stress. Technology has made the process easier for buyers and sellers, in many ways, but take the time to have a 10 to 15 minute face to face sit down of what is important to you in the process, make a short list upfront, of what`s important to you as a must have of items or in your purchase, and if selling, make a list of what you need to do before the home goes on the market and what to do when showings occur on your property. Remember, as a seller sometimes the first offer your receive may be your best offer your will ever get on your home, so have your mindset right along with great efficient preparation will make everything run smooth for you for top dollar results. The listing inventory is not crowded now, but will quickly increase with more competition soon in the Spring Market which starts quickly after the Superbowl. So if your if you thinking of selling, get your home on the market as soon as possible in  proper showing form and price it correctly for your best financial results. Remember, listen to advise, correct your mindset and preparation is best for your success!  Gary Simmens is a NJ licensed real estate broker at Keller Williams Atlantic Shore Realtors with over 40 years experience. See more and latest market details at : 


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